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Mountains, Grasslands and Deserts Trips
China is vast with an astonishingly and varied landscape. The awesome landscapes and ancient culture keep attracting outdoor lovers to come to explore. China Outdoor Club organizes trips to many places in China, from famous scenic spots to less well-known places. You will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the amazing landscape there....
Villages and Temples Visit
Many ancient villages and temples in rural China offer a snapshot of history. Some of them have been preserved, virtually unchanged since they were built. Some folk villages and temples are fascinating and delightful, which help you understand Chinese culture, Chinese philosophy, the geographic features and ancient architecture....
Photography Trips
The purpose of our photography trips is to offer the chance for you to find and create images that express your unique and amazing experience: untouched Great Wall, unique architecture and incredible landscapes. We welcome enthusiastic photographers of all skill levels. We will bring you to great sights as well to remote and less known places on the right time of the year....
Beijing Globeflowers
Beijing Globeflowers is a community that connects and draws a steady crowd who value personal natural health and fitness, taking physical exercises a regular part of life & enjoy spending their time in Nature, respect and cherish it & seek personal life balance and peaceful atmosphere, especially by placing an emphasis on wisdom and practice....
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