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Risk Acknowledgment and Waiver
On our hikes safety always comes first. Pay special attention to the “Hiking Level” and “What do we need to bring on a hike”. Always try to choose the hikes which correspond to your level of fitness. Stay together with the group during the hike and don't wander off by yourself. Stay in touch with our guide and let the guide know if you are in need of rest or something else. For the case you should be in need of an insurance, we can help you with the formalities but you need to provide your full name and passport number two days prior to departure...
What do we need to bring on a hike?
What should you bring on a hike? There are two important items that you should pay more attention to. One is food and water, the other is appropriate clothing. Water is very important on a hike especially in summer. It is always good to bring some snacks such as chocolate, peanuts, candy, etc. We also strongly recommend you to wear hiking shoes. Make sure that your shoes are comfortable for walking and climbing on uneven and slippery trails. You also should wear appropriate clothing according to weather conditions...
China Travellers' Hiking Level (How difficult are the hikes?)
We grade the hikes according to their difficulty from 2 to 5. Level 2 hikes are easy hikes. Level 3 hikes are moderate hikes. Level 4 hikes are challenging hikes. Level 5 hikes are tough hikes. We give detailed description of all the levels of the hikes: the hiking time, the elevation, the length and terrain. You can choose the hikes that are suitable for you according to your personal fitness and hiking experiences. And we hope that you will choose the appropriate hike and have a great experience with us...
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