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Zhuangdaokou Village and Zhuangdaokou Great Wall
Zhuangdaokou Village is under the jurisdiction of Jiuduhe town of Huairou District. Lying in the south of the town, it is next to the Great Wall from the north and lean the mountains in the south.

Because the village is in the south of the Great Wall, and there is Zhuangdaokou Gateway in the north, the name Zhuangdaokou Village is got. In the north slope of Huaijiu river valley, it is within the area of sedimentary rocks in pleistocene period. The soil is sandy and flood-impact cinnamon soil. The main trees are shrubs and fruit trees such as poplar trees, pine trees, locust trees and spine date trees. Agriculture and forestry is the main way of economy.

The gateway of the Great Wall in the north of village is of good conservation, with south inscribed board "Zhuangdaokou" and north one "Zhenluguan". There are dragon and phoenix pine trees in the west of the village. With about two hundred years growth, both of them are twelve meters tall and are ranked in the second grade protected ancient trees of the town.

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