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Lotus Pond (Lianhuachi) Great Wall

Qilianguan Pass is located south of Lianhuachi (Lotus Pond) Village in Yanqi Town. The ancient Wall here zigzags into mountains that are now decorated with trees turning green and wild flowers that have just blossomed. Locals also call this pass Queliang:"lacking grain". Some say Qilian comes from the name of a leader who built the wall here, while "Queliang" came about due to the difficulties of building the wall, when soldiers often lacked grain and worked while hungry.

According to ancient records, it was built during Emperor Yongle’s reign in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The Pass was connected with the Mutianyu Great Wall on one side and Shentangyu Great Wall on the other.The walls to the north of Lotus Pool were mostly built with stones. In some steep parts, only hollow watchtowers were constructed. The section from Lotus Pool to Mutianyu Great Wall in the southwest were built with both bricks and rocks.

Qilian Pass once had a gate, with two large cannons guarding it from the outside. The gate was demolished and cannons taken away in the 1970s to make way for a road. A bridge was also built over the pool. However, two beacon towers remain on each side of the pass.

The Lotus Pond section features beautiful mountain landscape. In April, trees have turned green and wide flowers are blossoming. Spring and autumn are the best seasons for climbing the wall. In September and October, the mountains around Qilianguan Great Wall begin to turn florided like the color of changing leaves.

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