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Reviews of Great Wall Camping and Mountain Camping
1. " A Perfect Tour I will never Forget!!!"
Celina Contag from Germany
I decided quiet spontaniously, that I wanted to go on a Great Wall Camping and Hiking Tour... None of the tours I found online fitted well, but then I found CHINA TRAVELLERS! Sonia´s English is very good, she designed a tour 100% to our wishes, adjusted the schedule, gave very good advice and was just so flexible and helpful that we managed to organize everything within a day.
    The tour itself was amazing! Much more than I had expected. It was not just a hiking and camping experience, Sonia shared stories and experiences, was adventurous and always smiling!
    The food at the local farm house was probably the best I have had in China but the very best was spending the night on the wall! Not only sunset and sunrise, but sleeping on the most scenic spot, watching the full moon rise behind the mountains, making the wall look even more beautiful.................
    All in all it could not have been any better!!! Thanks Sonia for making this experience unforgettable!

2. "A lovely tour of the Great Wall"  
Marielle Veldhuis from Holland
We spent 2 days and 1 night at the great wall with Sonia, and it was a great experience. She took us to a very nice remote part of the wall, where it was very quiet. On day one we hiked and had a great lunch at a local farmers home stay. In the afternoon we hiked up with the camping gear and a dinner prepared by home stay and spent the night on top of the wall. The lack of comfort was more then worth it for the beautiful scenery and the unique experience.
    Sonia is a great guide, speaks English very well, and was great for the kids (8 and 10). The trip was very well prepared with the driver (pick-up and drop-off at our hotel in Beijing), the food at the home stay and the camping gear.
    A lovely memory!

3. "Great experience with great arrangement"
Wanson Luk from Hong Kong
We found Sonia here and we would like to recommend her.
    First, she charged a very reasonable price with providing great food arrangements and camping equipment from headlights to new down feather sleeping bags.
    We had nothing to worry about and also she replied email very fast to address all our concerns and questions.
    Sonia is also very helpful even after the trip, she delivered what we had left in the car.
    So if you are looking for a great experience camping or hiking in BJ, there is no other choice.

4. "Back Country Camping"
Tony from Plainfield, America
I met up with Sonia a few weeks after being in Beijing and discussed the possibility of going on a hike with her. After some discussion she, a friend of hers, a friend of mine, and myself met up at the bus station and headed out to a village a few hours ride away. Once in the village we took a cab to a nearby hiking trail and then proceeded to walk up a good size hill, then along a river with rather barren mountains on either side. The walk was beautiful, albeit a bit cold, and quite a lot of fun. I saw things I wouldn’t have otherwise seen, such as a rather old place of prayer, a ranger’s cabin, and a large group of people dressed in military garb marching on by us during our return journey. The real highlight though was camping out for the night by the river. Sonia’s friend had brought his fishing gear along and caught a bucket load of fish that we fried and cooked into a soup. While I can’t say it was my favorite Chinese cuisine, it was certainly good and as rustic as you can get. All in all it was an incredible experience and I can not thank Sonia enough for letting me friend and I tag along, it is not something I’m likely to forget anytime soon.

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