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Reviews of Jinshanling to Simatai West Great Wall Hike
1. "Three Cheers for Sonia!"
Linda from America
After dreaming about walking the Great Wall since I was in third grade, Sonia made that dream a reality!
    Last week Sonia took myself, my husband and our son, for a day hike to Jingshangling. It was about 2 hours outside of Beijing, and we hardly saw any other hikers on the wall. Sonia came prepared with tons of waters and walking sticks for everyone.
    Some of our travel plans had changed just days before the hike, so were indecisive about our Great Wall plans, but Sonia rolled with our changes like a trouper!
    I love to take LOTS of pictures and Sonia was very patient and did not rush us in the least. We brought Santa hats for our Christmas picture and she was very accommodating in trying out several locations for this special picture. Sonia was extremely flexible about how far we would walk and when we would come down from the wall. She was very knowledgeable and all three of us enjoyed talking with her.
    This hike with Sonia was the highlight of our 2 weeks in China, and her friendliness was as if we were traveling with a friend instead of a guide.
    Afterwards, Sonia took us to a local farmhouse for the best meal that we had our entire trip! It was all homegrown and organic, lots to choose from, and a very congenial host to present it to us.
    It was a perfect day with a perfect guide. I would highly recommend Sonia to anyone wanting their Great Wall dream to come true as well!
    Thank you Sonia!

2. "Amazing Jinshanling Great Wall"
Gustavo Pena and Kerry Weiss-Pena from Boston, America
Nothing like a 10k hike on a cold winter morning. But the snow is auspicious! The only sound is the wind.
    China is a very crowded country. Very few places to be by yourself. Especially on the biggest attraction on earth. Until today, only the Clinton and Obama families had ever enjoyed the Wall in total privacy. This part of the wall has not been restored, just gorgeous 600 year old ruins. There’s a few narrow passageways. Emperor Qing never expected giant men to pass through.
    At the front entrance. I ask Sonia if she has seen "127 Hours" yet? Sonia’s expertise is Great Hikes in China, but she was just as good, if not better showing us an insider’s Beijing the next evening. If you or a friend are headed to Beijing, contact Sonia!

3."the Most Enjoyable Memory of China"
Erica Boyd from Sydney, Australia
Sonia was fantastic the scenery was fantastic the weather was great. Sonia is very knowledgable about the history of the wall and Chinese culture and environment. She is a very experienced hiker so we felt like we were hiking with a friend. Sonia spoke and understood English very well. The hike on the great wall at Jingshanaling proved to be our most enjoyable memory of China.

4. "Perfect Hike"
Peter from Boston, America (the first time: Jun 12/2012)
Sonia was great, the hike was perfect. I will hire her again when I am in Beijing, she was very responsive to my email questions and made us feel very comfortable. The included meal at the local farm house was the best meal we had in our two weeks in China. If you like to hike and want a lasting memory I recommend checking out Sonia’s offerings.
The second time: Apr 26/2013
I liked this tour so much I decided to do it again, this time I brought my spouse along. Sonia loves the outdoors and makes this hike extremely enjoyable. The peach blossoms were in full bloom and the Wall had a completely different look than that of early summer. Sonia was very patient with us as we hiked rather slowly taking numerous pictures along the way. Lunch was again the best meal I had in my 3 weeks I spent in China. If you love the outdoors and you are in Beijing then you need to contact Sonia.

5. "Sonia was Fabulous!"
Tod Loofbourrow from Boston, America
Sonia was fabulous in all areas, in particular with accommodating our desire for a schedule different than normal. Her pre-trip communication was particularly stellar to ensure that we got the kind of tour we wanted.

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