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Reviews of 3-day Great Wall hiking tours
1. “the smartest thing that we did on our entire trip”
Myron Koenig and Helen Koenig from America
Sonia was our guide for three days in Beijing and hiring her was the smartest thing that we did on our entire trip. She took us to an unrestored part of the great wall and we hiked with no one around. It was fantastic. She is enthusiastic, her English is excellent and she customized our tour perfectly. She took us to authentic restaurants with excellent food and not another tourist in sight. Our first experience with Tours by Locals could not have been better. Thank you so much Sonia.

2. “Special experiences in the Beijing countryside and an almost deserted Great Wall”
Steven M. from United States
We were so lucky to have picked Sonia from among all the Beijing guides. Her English is good, we had no problems communicating clearly with her. Sonia’s main passion in life is the out of doors, so our days in the Beijing countryside, including an almost deserted Great Wall, were very special. Sonia, also very knowledgeable about urban Beijing, took us to the usual Beijing sites and helped us with train tickets. She’s very flexible. Not enough space to fully convey our tremendous enthusiasm for Sonia.

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