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What do we need to bring on a hike?

1. Food and Water: 

We recommend you to bring enough water: in spring and autumn at least 1.5 liters; in summer at least 2 liters; in winter at least 1 liter. 

If we have lunch at a local restaurant you don’t need to bring lunch, but it is better to bring some snacks such as chocolate, peanuts, candy, etc. If we don’t have lunch at local restaurant, you need to bring a light and packed lunch.

2. Appropriate Clothing:

1) Shoes: 
We strongly recommend you to wear hiking shoes, especially when you join the hikes of level 4 and level 5. Even if you join the hikes of level 2-3, make sure that your shoes are comfortable for walking and climbing on uneven and slippery trails.

2) Clothing: 
You should wear appropriate clothing according to weather conditions. It is always good to wear long pants even in summer---there are some bushwalking on some hikes. The temperature is always a few degrees lower in rural areas than in the urban ones. But as that usually isn’t a problem as long as you keep on walking, you should however bring light but warm extra clothing especially in spring, autumn and winter. In summer, sunglasses, sunscreen and hat are necessary. In winter, warm clothes, hat and gloves should be brought.

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