Recommended Hiking and Camping
Jiankou Great Wall is the most stunning wild Great Wall in Beijing. Mutianyu Great Wall is the most popular restored Great Wall among the travelers from other countries. This hike takes 4-5 hours and you will see these two sections of the Great Wall and they are completely different. If you are a hiker with good fitness we strongly recommend this hike to you...
We will walk on both restored and unrestored wild Great Wall. You will not only see the sheer Great Wall, but also the different mountain and water scenery. The water makes this section of wall a very unique characteristic, distinguishing appearance from other sections of the Great Wall. The walking on the Wall is very peaceful and tranquil...
This camping tour is one of our most popular camping tours and it is a lifetime experience. This hike covers both the restored and the unrestored Great Wall, ancient village, local farmers' orchards. You will be able to see the sunrise, the sunset and the stars on the Chinese ancient Great Wall...
Beijing Must-Sees Tours
Beijing Attractions Tours
  You won't miss anyting! You will visit all the World-Renowned Attractions in and around Beijing: the Forbidden City, Great Wall,Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Lama Temple, Hutongs,etc. We also offer folk culture and old parts tours in Beijing: visit some unique neighborhoods and wander through like locals to get a taste of the daily life of local people here!

Great Wall Hiking
We offer a variety of tours of hiking, camping and walking on the Great Wall in China. We promise to show you the real Great Wall which has retained its wild and ancient atmosphere. We will step off the beaten path to witness the unrestored Great Wall which is less crowded, like Jiankou Great Wall, Huanghuacheng Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, Gubeikou Great Wall

Great Wall Camping
Camping on the Chinese Great Wall must rank among one of the greatest experiences on this planet. We can help you realize the dreams of sleeping on the Chinese Great Wall and see the sunrise and sunset there! The tour combines both Great Wall hiking and camping. We offer Jiankou Great Wall camping tour, Gubeikou and Jinshanling Great Wall camping tour, etc.

Great Wall Trekking
If you are a keen hiker and want a special trek in your life, we can customize a private Chinese Great Wall trek for you which is from 3 days to 7 days, discovering the best sections of the authentic Great Wall. You will witness some breathtaking views and the amazing panoramas of the Great Wall. It covers different sections of the Great Wall in different places.

Hikes in China
Hikes around Beijing
  Step out of a metropolis with 18 million people and get away from your hectic city life. Just hours outside of downtown, you will find many tranquil places with marvelous views around Beijing. There are vistas and sights that will make your heart and your lungs rejoice. We offer hikes to the mountains, rivers, canyons, ancient villages...

Explore China
  China is vast with an astonishingly and varied landscape. The awesome landscapes and ancient culture keep attracting outdoor lovers to come to explore. China Travellers organizes trips to many places in China, from famous scenic spots to less well-known places. You will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the amazing landscape there.

Nature Retreats Trips
  Looking for a secluded and beautiful venue in nature to feed the body and the mind? Planning to take a break from routines and focus on revitalizing yourself? Wanting to dive into tranquility in a stunning place? This is the trip for you! After the hustle and bustle of the city life, spending two or more days in the serene nature retreats is a very good way to relax and recharge.

Private Tours
In addition to our regular weekly hikes, China Travellers also offers private tours. You can customize a private trip or join a small group, discovering hidden corners of Beijing, walking on the wild peaceful Great Wall and witnessing the daily lives of local people. 
Design your own tour or private event. You decide where you want to go, what you want to do, what you are interested in (culture, history, sightseeing, adventure, hiking, Chinese cuisine, etc), and when you will be available. Then we will customize a perfect itinerary or private hike just for you. 
1. Personalized Trips for You, Family & Friends 
If you’re only in Beijing for a short time or can’t make it to any of our regular hikes, we can organise a trip or event for you, with places, guides, transport, food, and accommodation all taken care of.
2. Business Trips for Meetings, Team Building
We can help plan and organize events, trips or hikes suitable for corporate trips or team-building events. We can design tailor-made programs to meet your goals.
3. School Trips for Schools, Colleges
We can help plan and organize events, trips or hikes for students designed to suit school requirements. We can help to design programs or theme, proving project management support.
If you want to contact us, please use our online booking form for privat tours to send your details to us.

Our other contact information:  or 86 18801335578.
Gubeikou Winding Dragon Great Wakk Hike (Summer)
Viewed from a distance, the Wall is like a giant dragon, curving its path over the mountain peaks whose line it follows.The tranquility at the ruins of the Great Wall is really touching...
Huanghuacheng Great Wall to Zhuangdaokou Hike
The water makes this section of wall a very unique characteristic, distinguishing appearance from other sections of the Great Wall.It is also a great place to take some photos...
Jiankou Great Wall Hike (Spring)
Jiankou Great Wall has perhaps the most frequent appearance on picture books and post cards of the Great Wall. This section of wall retains its original appearance since its construction in 1368...
Jinshanling to Simatai West Great Wall Hike (Autumn)
Jinshanling Great Wall boasts the greatest number of watch and beacon towers anywhere along the wall.Built stably and elegantly, different towers have different structures and appearances...
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