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GWC32-Seven-Tower Great Wall to Lingshan Mountain Hiking and Camping
Meeting Time   9am
Trip Length   Two Days
Meeting Point   Exit C of Dongsishitiao subway station of line 2
Hiking Distance   Approx. 16km
Hiking Duration   10 hours
Level of Difficulty   Level 4+
Number of People   4-15
Price   1500RMB
Hiking Date  
Detailed information about this hike
Highlights of this hike:
1. Camp on the high Yellow Grasses Mountain which is almost 2,000 meters high;
2. Big Challenge for experienced hikers: This is a tour package that combines both hiking and camping;
3. Visit a very wild stretch of Chinese Great Wall which is completely untouched and almost devoid of tourists, allowing for a serene walk;
4. Awesome mountainous views for photographers;
5. Small group of maximum of 15 travelers;
6. No commission shopping stops.

Price and discount:
The cost is 1500RMB (about 250 US$) per person. It includes camping gears (tents, pads, sleep bags, big backpacks), transportation, entrance fees, water, two meals and guides. We give 10% discount for members and kids under 12’s.

Detailed itinerary:
Yellow Grasses Mountain is about 80 kilometers from downtown Beijing and it is about 1737 meters high. There are large alpine meadows there which offer great places for campsites. The mountain is filled with a variety of trees, such as maple, birch, larch and gingko trees.

There is a stretch of very wild Great Wall which is hidden in the mountains. It is a very secret part of Wall with seven watch towers. It was built in Ming Dynasty which was about 500 years ago. Being built along a mountain ridge with tall cliffs on each side, it is extremely picturesque, wonderfully quiet and absolutely unspoiled.

Day 1: We will meet at 9:00am in the morning. It takes us about 2-2.5 hours on the way. We will have our lunch at a local farmer’s guest house. After lunch we will start our hike from a trail in the mountains. This trail isn’t very steep but it is very long and it takes about 3 hours to get to the top.
We will leave our camping gears at the campsite and then visit the Seven-tower part of the Great Wall.

This hike also offers excellent views of the surrounding mountains and the chance to see native wildlife in its natural habitat. In the evening we can have a nice talk, see the stars or drink a beer.

You will find that besides the hiking partners, your travel companions will be limited to birds, bugs and all sorts of trees. You will spend a great time on the top meadow of Yellow Grasses Mountain, enjoying the sunset in the late afternoon, the glittering stars in the evening and the sunrise in the early morning. Get out of the hustle and bustle of the hectic city life, forget about all your works to do, breathe the ever-refreshing air, hike or meditate on the Great Wall, listen to the nature as well as your self, relax your body, mind and soul, get connection with the tranquility of nature and the inner peace again.

Day 2: We might be waken up by the birds and the air in the morning is really fresh. If you want to see the sunrise you need wake up a bit early. After breakfast we will pack up our camping gears and come down the mountain. We will have a lunch after we come down and then the driver will drive us back Beijing. We will arrive at downtown Beijing late afternoon.

Bad weather plan:
We will email you 2-3 days before the camping tour to let you know about the weather condition. If there is thunder storm, heavy rain or strong wind it will be dangerous to do the camping tour on the Great Wall. So we will cancel it or change the dates. If the weather is fine in the daytime but rainy at night, we will stay the night at a local guest house.

What to bring on this hike?
1. Comfortable hiking boots and a suitable size daypack;
2. Quick-drying dress in summer and windproof dress in autumn, raincoat; warm clothes for the evening, spare socks and underwear;
3. Sun protection: hat, sunscreen, sunglasses;
4. Dinner and breakfast, snacks and energy complement;
5. Flashlight or head lamp;
6. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer;
7. Toothbrush, small towel;
8. Pocket knife, personal first-aid, mosquito killer;
9. Some medicine for diarrhea and heat stroke;
10. Entertainment: a book, cards, a bottle of drink.

Level 4: Challenging Level
These hikes usually involve a lot of walking, climbing and descending over varied terrain, and sometimes also camping. The elevation is about 1000 meters and the length ranges from 10 to 15 kilometers. Some roads/trails can be a little rough. The hiking time is usually somewhere between 4 and 6 hours. People with acrophobia shouldn’t join these kinds of hikes.

For whom are Level 4 hikes suitable?
Level 4 hikes are suitable for people who are fit and healthy, do aerobic type exercise regularly and have prior hiking experiences.

What is included on this hike?
1. Camping gear (tents, pads, sleeping bags, big backpacks);
2. Air-conditioned vehicle with experienced driver;
3. English-speaking hiking tour guide;
4. Entrance fees;
5. Unlimited bottled water;
6. Two meals (the first day’s lunch, the second day’s lunch).

What is excluded on this hike?
1. Travel insurance;
2. Cable car, chairlift, toboggan (slide way) or any other additional local facilities;
3. Personal expenses.

Customize this hike and make a private reservation:
In addition to our regular weekly hikes, we also offer private tours. You can customize a private hike for you, your family or your friends exclusively. Just tell us what you want and we will organize a hike for you, with places, guides, transport, food, and accommodation all taken care of. You can make a private reservation on the private tour page.

Pricing for a private tour:
Group size
Cost (per person)

1. A private tour is more flexible. Both extra distance and less distance are available.
2. Discounts are available for larger groups.
3. Prices are quoted in Chinese dollars.

1. There are risks involved in outdoor activities. Please read our Risk Acknowledgment and Waiver and inform yourself before participating.

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