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MCH14- Lama Gou Men Primitive Forest Park Hike
Meeting Time   8am
Trip Length   One Day
Meeting Point   Exit B of Tuanjiehu(团结湖)subway station of line 10
Hiking Distance   Approx. 8km
Hiking Duration   3-4 hours
Level of Difficulty   Level 3
Number of People   6-20
Price   500RMB
Hiking Date  
Detailed information about this hike
Highlights of this hike:
1. Explore Lama Gou Men Primitive Forest Park;
2. Awesome views for photographers; 
3. A nice cool retreat in summer;
4. A nice place to view and enjoy red and yellow leaves in autumn;
5. Fit for family with kids;
6. No commission shopping stops.

Price and discount:
The cost is 500RMB (about 80 US$) per person. It includes transportation, entrance fees, water and guides. We give 10% discount for members and kids under 12’s.

Detailed itinerary:
Lama Gou Men Primitive Forest Park is Located in Huairou district, which is about 150 kilometers from downtown Beijing. It covers an area of 70000 mu (27 hect­ares) of primitive second growth. The Nanhouling is the highest peak in Huairou. It has a sea level of 1,700 meters. There are more than 100 scenic spots, including mysterious virgin forest, sea of clouds and towering cliff.

It is cool in summer. The average temperature is only 22 degrees. It is a great summer retreat for people from downtown Beijing. Autumn arrives here early because the frost-free period is short. There are lots of maple trees, oak trees, larches, silver birches and mountain poplars. October is the best season to visit here. There are tracts of red and yellow leaves, and leaves of other colors mixing together.

There are two scenic spots in the Lama Gou Men Primitive Forest Park. One is Phoenix Platform, the other one is Five-dragon Pond. We will choose to visit the Phoenix Platform for a one-day hike.

Bad weather plan:
We will email you 2-3 days before the hike to let you know about the weather condition. If there is thunder storm, heavy rain or strong wind it will be dangerous to do the hike in the high mountains. So we will cancel it or change the dates.

What to bring on this hike?
1. Lunch and snacks;
2. Sun protection: hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, long-sleeved shirt;
3. A bottle of sports drink with salt content;
4. Comfortable sport shoes (hiking boots are strongly suggested).

Level of difficulty for this hike: Level 3 (moderate hikes)
The level of these hikes is moderate and suitable for most people. The hiking time is usually 3-4 hours and the hikes usually include some more steep trails. They tend to 6-12 kilometers in length and approximately 500-1000 meters in elevation. However Level 3 hikes aren’t tough and most people can make it without trouble as long as you have a reasonable level of fitness and are in good health.

For whom are Level 3 hikes suitable?
Level 3 hikes are suitable for people who are fit and healthy. It is better to have a bit of prior hiking experiences.

What is included on this hike?
1. Air-conditioned vehicle with experienced driver;
2. English-speaking hiking tour guide;
3. Entrance fees;
4. Unlimited bottled water.

What is excluded on this hike?
1. Travel insurance;
2. Cable car, chairlift, toboggan (slide way) or any other additional local facilities;
3. Personal expenses.

Customize this hike and make a private reservation:
In addition to our regular weekly hikes, we also offer private tours. You can customize a private hike for you, your family or your friends exclusively. Just tell us what you want and we will organize a hike for you, with places, guides, transport, food, and accommodation all taken care of. You can make a private reservation 
on the private tour page.
Pricing for a private tour:
Group size
Cost (per person)
1. A private tour is more flexible. Both extra distance and less distance are available.
2. Discounts are available for larger groups.
3. Prices are quoted in Chinese dollars.


1. There are risks involved in outdoor activities. Please read our Risk Acknowledgment and Waiver and inform yourself before participating.

Other information about this hike:
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